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Arabian Control Systems 

Company LLC

Products and Services

Unrivaled Equipment Solutions for Oil & Gas and Beyond - Powering Your Industry's Success

Arabian Control Systems Company LLC specializes in supplying premier Process Control, Instrumentation, and Systems Integration solutions. Our portfolio includes high-quality Calibration, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental Engineering, and Safety Technologies. Catering to diverse sectors such as Marine, Fire, Safety & Security, we provide an extensive range of products from turnkey solutions to advanced laboratory equipment and corrosion protection services. Our commitment to supplying only the best in class positions us as your trusted partner for enhancing operational efficiency and safety across industries.

What We Do



Arabian Control Systems Company LLC specializes in supplying a comprehensive array of mechanical solutions, featuring top-tier machinery and components critical for enhancing operational efficiency and reliability in various industrial settings. Our dedication to supplying only the highest quality ensures outstanding performance and durability.

Our supply range now focuses on Mechanical Fabrication and includes:

  • Test Separators, Pressure Vessels, Columns: Essential for various industrial processes, providing reliability and efficiency.

  • Chemical Injection Skids, Storage Tanks, Silos, Cyclones: Key components for storing and managing chemicals, materials, and separating particles, respectively.

  • Deaerators, Heat Exchangers, Hydro Cyclones: Vital for removing dissolved gases, transferring heat, and separating fluids without filter media.

  • Boilers, Steam Drums: Crucial for generating steam and managing steam production effectively.

  • Condensers, Reactors, LPG Bullets: Fundamental in condensing steam, facilitating chemical reactions, and storing liquefied petroleum gas safely.

  • Finned & RG Coolers, MEG Reactors: Advanced cooling solutions and reactors for monoethylene glycol processing.


Our focus remains on providing only the finest products, ensuring they meet the exacting standards of durability and efficiency required by our clients in their specific industrial applications.



At Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive selection of valves engineered for precise flow control and unwavering reliability across diverse industrial settings. Our valves are designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring smooth operation in any flow management scenario. Every product in our lineup is backed by rigorous accreditation, affirming our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry.

Our Valve Solutions Include:

  • A wide variety of valves including Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Needle, Parallel Slide Gate Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Relief Valves, and Control Valves.

  • Specialized ESD Valves, DBB Valves, and SBB Valves, along with PVC Valves and Fittings, catering to specific application needs.

  • Advanced Valve Interlocking Systems to enhance operational safety and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Valve Test and Repair Equipment tailored for Safety Valves and Control Valves, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.


Each valve we supply is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, designed to meet the exacting requirements of our clients' flow management systems.


Fire and Safety

At Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, we are deeply committed to ensuring safety and protection against fire hazards in industrial and commercial settings. Our extensive range of fire and safety solutions is designed to meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and compliance with safety regulations.

Our Fire and Safety Solutions portfolio encompasses:

  • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment: Advanced systems designed for early detection and effective response to fire incidents.

  • Fire Fighting & Rescue Vehicles: Specialized vehicles equipped for rapid fire suppression and rescue operations.

  • Fire & Gas Detection Systems, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus): Cutting-edge technology for early detection of fire and gas leaks, ensuring prompt preventive measures.

  • Break Glass Units, Smoke Detectors, Gas Detectors: Essential devices for initiating alarms and detecting the presence of smoke and hazardous gases.

  • Fire Hoses, Water Irrigation Hoses, Hose Reel & Cabinet: Comprehensive range of hoses and storage solutions for firefighting and water delivery.

  • Fire Doors, Hydrant, Extinguisher CO2: Critical components for fire containment, water access, and initial fire suppression efforts.

  • Fire Blankets, Emergency Showers & Eye Washes: Safety equipment for personal protection and emergency decontamination.

  • Fire Fighting Pumps – Foam and Water: High-capacity pumps for delivering firefighting foam and water where it's needed most.

  • Breathing Apparatus: Essential for ensuring breathable air in smoke-filled or toxic environments.

  • Portable Safety Showers, Safety Cabinets: Solutions for immediate decontamination and safe storage of hazardous materials.

  • Shelving for Dangerous Products, Safety Waste Bins, Safety Cans, Pesticide Cabinet: Storage and disposal solutions designed for hazardous and flammable materials.

  • Fireman Clothing, Helmet, Boot, Gloves, Coverall: High-quality personal protective equipment for firemen and emergency responders.

  • Cabinet for Reagents & Toxic Products, Ventilation Safety Cabinets, 90 Minutes Fire Resistance Cabinets: Specialized storage units designed for safe handling and containment of reagents, toxic products, and documents, with enhanced fire resistance.

  • Other Related Accessories: A broad selection of accessories to complement and enhance fire safety measures.


Arabian Control Systems Company LLC takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of fire and safety products, ensuring our clients are equipped with the necessary tools to protect their assets and, most importantly, the lives of their employees and communities.



Arabian Control Systems Company LLC is a leading provider of advanced marine solutions, offering a wide range of equipment and systems designed to meet the demands of marine operations. Our commitment to quality ensures that our clients receive products that not only meet but exceed their operational requirements for efficiency, reliability, and durability in challenging marine environments.

Our Marine Solutions include:

  • Single Buoy Mooring Systems and LPG Offshore Loading Systems: Critical for secure mooring and efficient loading operations in offshore environments.

  • Deep Water Mooring Solutions: Including Mooring Chains, SS Chains, and Stud Link Anchor Chain for reliable deep-sea anchorage.

  • Mooring Accessories: Such as Mooring Shackles, High Resistance Chains and Fittings, Anchors, Chasers & Grapnels, ensuring strong and safe mooring connections.

  • Advanced Ropes and Slings: Featuring Polyamide (Nylon) Ropes, Aramide Ropes, HMPE Round Slings for heavy lifting, along with a variety of ropes and slings for diverse marine applications.

  • Wire Rope & Fittings, Quayside Furniture: Essential components for marine operations and dockside activities.

  • Navigation and Signal Systems: Including Marine Lamps, Signal Lanterns, Rotating Beacons, Bridge and Barge Lights, Marine Traffic Lighting Systems, and Radar Reflectors to ensure safe navigation and communication.

  • Power and Lighting Solutions: Seamark Power Systems, Lamp Changers, and a range of lighting systems designed for marine use.

  • Deck Equipment: Such as Chafe Chains, Deck Fittings, and other essential deck operations tools.

  • Safety and Mooring Equipment: Fenders and Floats, Range Lanterns, Signal Lamps, and Unitized Systems to protect vessels and enhance safety.

  • Buoy Solutions: Offering Polyethylene Buoy, Polyethylene Spar Buoy, Multipurpose and Channel Marker Buoys, Deep Water Steel Buoys, and Sentinel Multipurpose Buoys for a variety of marine marking needs.

  • Navigation Aids: Including Sea Beacon Racon, Audio beam 2-Mile Fog Signals, AIS A to N Informer for comprehensive guidance and information in all weather conditions.

  • Energy Solutions: Solar Electric Generator, Auto Transformer, Battery Charger, etc., ensuring uninterrupted power supply for marine operations.


At Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, our focus on providing the finest marine products ensures they meet the high standards of durability, efficiency, and reliability required by our clients in their marine applications.



Arabian Control Systems Company LLC stands at the vanguard of precision flow measurement, offering an expansive array of solutions designed for unwavering accuracy and dependability. Our portfolio boasts not only advanced metering skids and sophisticated control systems but also a vast selection of analyzer solutions engineered for the most rigorous process management and custody transfer applications.

Our specialties include:

  • Flare Gas Meters for accurate monitoring and regulatory compliance.

  • Comprehensive Analyzer Systems that measure a variety of gases, such as Flue Gas, O2, SOx, NOx, CO2, and CO, including full CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems) capabilities.

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters for both gas and liquid applications, available in inline and clamp-on configurations, ensuring versatility and ease of installation.

  • Analyzer Systems designed to precisely determine dew point with cutting-edge technologies including aluminum oxide and laser-based measurement, down to ppm and ppb levels.

  • Custody Transfer approved Ultrasonic Flowmeters, providing the accuracy required for legal and trade purposes.

  • A range of Flame Detectors, including UV, IR, UVIR, Triple IR, and CCTV-Visual types, for superior fire safety and prevention.

  • Multiphase Flowmeters tailored for complex flow streams involving multiple phases of matter.

  • Reliable Gas Detectors for both toxic and flammable gases, ensuring workplace safety and hazard prevention.

  • Coriolis Flowmeters, renowned for their mass flow measuring capabilities and intrinsic accuracy.

  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors, critical for early detection of gas leakages, safeguarding both personnel and operations.

  • Vortex Flowmeters, available as both inline and insertion type, for versatile application across various fluid dynamics.

  • Robust Pressure & Temperature Transmitters and Pressure Gauges for precise monitoring under diverse operating conditions.

  • Custom-engineered Metering Skids for both gas and liquid, delivering tailored solutions to meet specific industry needs.

  • A wide range of Instrument Bulk Industrials and Level Instruments, completing our suite of measurement and control offerings.


Each product in our collection is backed by reliable accreditation and is a testament to Arabian Control Systems Company LLC's commitment to delivering systems that meet and surpass the industry's stringent quality and safety standards. Whether for oil and gas, chemical processing, or any other demanding industrial sector, we supply technologies that drive efficiency and performance to new heights.



Arabian Control Systems Company LLC stands at the forefront of electrical engineering solutions, providing an extensive array of products designed to ensure operational efficiency, reliability, and safety in industrial environments. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that our electrical components and systems meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our Electrical Solutions portfolio includes:

  • Industrial UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Rectifiers, and Chargers: Essential for maintaining power continuity and quality in critical applications.

  • Batteries – Ni-Cd, Lead Acid: Reliable energy storage solutions catering to various operational needs.

  • Generators (Diesel and Gas Powered) up to 2.3MW: Robust power generation options for uninterrupted supply.

  • Switchgear Panels and Accessories (MCB, MCCB, ACB, RCB): Comprehensive solutions for safe and efficient power distribution and protection.

  • Cable Management System (Cable Trays, Cable Ladders & Cable Support Systems): Ensuring organized and protected cable routing.

  • Relays, Contactors, Junction Box (EExe, EExd, EExi) GRP & SS Materials: High-quality components for reliable circuit control and electrical connections in hazardous areas.

  • Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures: Lighting solutions designed for safe operation in explosive environments.

  • Power Transformers (up to 200mVA) & Distribution Transformers (160kVA and above): Key components for effective power conversion and distribution.

  • Lightning Eliminators and Surge Protectors: Advanced protection against electrical surges and lightning strikes.

  • Cables – Electrical, Instrumentation, and Thermocouple: A wide range of cables to meet various electrical and data transmission requirements.

  • Electrical Motors and Pump: High-performance motors and pumps for diverse industrial applications.

  • Solar Panel Systems: Sustainable and renewable energy solutions for a variety of power generation needs.


At Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, our dedication to supplying premier electrical components and systems ensures they not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards required by our clients for their specific industrial applications.



At Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability drives us to provide advanced solutions that address the challenges of water and waste management, pollution control, and environmental conservation. Our portfolio is meticulously designed to support industries and communities in achieving their environmental objectives, ensuring a safer and cleaner planet for future generations.

Our Environmental Solutions include:

  • Water Treatment Plants – DM, De Salination, Ultra and Nano Filtration: Cutting-edge technologies for purifying and reclaiming water, essential for industrial processes and human consumption.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewerage Networks: Comprehensive systems for the effective treatment of sewage, ensuring environmental safety and public health.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans: Expert services to evaluate and mitigate the environmental impact of industrial and developmental projects.

  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Management Schemes: Innovative strategies for the safe disposal and management of waste materials, minimizing environmental footprints.

  • Sound & Vibration Monitoring: Advanced monitoring equipment to control noise pollution and vibration, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

  • Portable & Process Flue Gas Analyzers: Essential tools for analyzing emissions and optimizing combustion processes, contributing to cleaner air.

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring: State-of-the-art systems for continuous monitoring of air quality, crucial for public health and environmental protection.

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring: Solutions designed for real-time tracking of industrial emissions, facilitating regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

  • Oil Absorbent Booms: Effective containment tools for oil spills, protecting waterways and marine life from pollution.

  • Mats for Oil Spill Clean Up: Specialized materials for quick and efficient oil spill remediation, safeguarding ecosystems from contamination.


At Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, we are deeply invested in offering products and services that not only meet but exceed environmental regulations and standards. Our solutions are tailored to help our clients navigate the complexities of environmental management, ensuring sustainable practices and the well-being of the planet.



Arabian Control Systems Company LLC, in collaboration with our esteemed Lab partners, supplies a premier range of Laboratory/Analytical Process equipment and materials. This partnership enables us to offer the most advanced and reliable instruments for various research and quality control needs, ensuring that laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art resources.

Our Extensive Supply Includes:

  • General Laboratory Essentials: From Glassware and Plasticware to comprehensive Turnkey Laboratory solutions, supporting the foundation of scientific investigation.

  • Measurement Precision Tools: Analytical and Industrial Balances for accurate measurements, alongside specialized devices for assessing Density & Concentration, Viscosity, Rheometers, and Microwave sample preparation.

  • Temperature Management Units: Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Thermo regulators, and Temperature Calibration Baths, crucial for temperature-sensitive research processes.

  • Analytical Testing Equipment: Advanced Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers, Oxygen Analyzers, and precise measuring instruments for pH, Turbidity, TDS/Salinity, and Conductivity.

  • Industry-Specific Quality Control Instruments: Tailored for Oil, Mud & Cement, Water, Gas, and Food Laboratories, ensuring broad applicability across sectors.

  • Analysis and Generation Systems: Particle Size Analyzers, Laboratory Gas Generators for Air, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, etc., Photometers, Spectrophotometers, BOD, COD, Incubators, and Lab refrigerators.

  • Laboratory Safety and Efficiency Gear: Safety Emergency Showers, Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Air Pollution Extractors, and Laboratory Safety Spillage Items, fostering a safe work environment.

  • Research and Data Management Tools: Chromatography Products and Laboratory Information Systems Software (LIMS) to augment research capabilities and streamline data handling.


Through our partnership with Lab, Arabian Control Systems Company LLC commits to supplying products backed by sufficient accreditation, upholding the highest standards of quality and safety for a wide array of industrial and research applications.

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